Want to learn more about those contours?

Want to learn more about those contours?


This two day course is designed specifically with photographers in mind. Photographers with any level of experience who would like to learn some general outdoors/mountain skills and navigation techniques in order to gain the confidence to stay for that optimum light. Perhaps you just want to have more confidence about how best to move across the mountains and how to tackle steep slopes and tricky ground. Or wild camp to make the most of both sunset and sunrise.

Many of the mountain skills courses you find are just that and allow no or little time for photography. Let's face it, if you are travelling to the mountains for a course that will help improve your photography in the mountains. Then you might as well photograph the mountains whilst you are there; therefore, there will be dedicated time for photography at the best time for it. I'm a photographer too after all.

It goes without saying and you will hear it over and over again about the golden hour being the best time of day to capture the mountains in all their glory. The issue is many remote mountain areas (often the best in my opinion) involve a hike of some sort and in order to capture that magical light we would need to set off or return in the dark.

The course syllabus is taken from Summer Mountain Skills courses that I have been delivering for more than 10 years in numerous countries and will be tailored to the needs of the group, the weather and best times for photography.


Planning – how to successfully plan a walk in the mountains.

Walking Skills – what things should you consider while out walking and what can make life easier (pace, nutrition, movement skills, steep ground etc.).

Clothing and Equipment – being suitably dressed and equipped can make the difference between a great day out and a complete disaster.

Weather – how it affects the mountains and your day out.

Navigation in the Mountains – everything from selecting a compass and using a map to navigation in poor visibility. Using GPS as an aid to navigation.

Environmental Knowledge – how to minimise your impact on the hill, information on good practice and useful organisations.

Hazards and Emergency Procedures in the Mountains – how to respond to any hazards you encounter and what to do in an emergency.

Wild Camping – Equipment to take, selection and management of suitable camp sites, (don’t panic, this is a discussion only. If you want to camp take a look at the wild camp weekend).

You can view a more detailed description of the syllabus here


The navigation and photographers mountain confidence courses are predominantly ‘coaching’ courses and as such don’t have any major summit attempts or long routes incorporated into them. However, the courses will be run in a high mountainous area of the UK and as such there is a requirement that you have some experience of hill walking prior to attending the course and also have a reasonable level of fitness. An example of reasonable fitness might be someone who has a generally active lifestyle. If you are unsure about your fitness or experience then please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are unsure about what equipment you might need, click here.




£150 Per Person (Min of 3 people booking)

£400 for a group booking of 3

£500 for a group booking of 4


£160 Per Person (Min of 3 people booking)

£450 for a group booking of 3

£560 for a group booking of 4


Accommodation for 1 night in-between the two training days.


All guiding, tuition and photography time, minimum of 8 hours each day. 

Navigation Equipment.


Photography Equipment.

Transport to the course location.

Food and Drink other than stated above.

Personal Insurance.