1. Overview of the mountain walking areas of the UK and Ireland

2. Use of walking guidebooks and online resources

3. Route planning

4. Health and fitness considerations for mountain walking

Walking Skills

1. Walking techniques and additional equipment

2. Managing pace for a day walk

3. Nutritional considerations for mountain walking

4. Movement skills over steep or loose terrain

Clothing and Equipment

1. Mountain clothing overview

2. Footwear selection for mountain terrain

3. Equipment selection and functions

4. Seasonal differences in clothing and equipment selection

5. Additional emergency equipment


1. Effect of weather in the mountains

2. Obtaining a mountain area weather forecast

3. Effect of weather on mountain route planning

Navigation in the Mountains

1. Use of different maps and scales

2. Map features and symbols

3. Measurement of distance on maps

4. Calculating walking time in mountainous terrain

5. Use of Grid References

6. Pacing and timing in mountainous terrain

7. Introduction of basic use of GPS devices in mountain areas

8. Methods of relocating in mountainous terrain

9. Compass selection and features

10. Poor visibility navigation strategies

Environmental Knowledge

1. Understand the impact of humans in mountain areas

2. Gain an understanding of the mountain environment

3. Environmental considerations when mountain walking

4. Good practice associated with mountain walking

5. Understanding the role of different organisations related to mountain walking

Hazards and Emergency Procedures in the Mountains

1. Identifying potential hazards in mountainous terrain

2. Managing risk while mountain walking

3. Gaining an understanding of common mountain walking incidents

4. How to call for help while in mountain areas

5. Introduction to the role of Mountain Rescue teams

Wild Camping

1. Equipment required for wild camps.

2. Seasonal considerations.

3. Management of the site and equipment.